History Of Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is one of the oldest types of craft. In fact this particular type of craft can be traced back to the ancient time. The history of basket weaving shows that basket were commonly used to transport and store different kinds of things. Traces of baskets have been found in the Egyptian pyramids, and also woven basket liners have left their impressions inside the fragments of ancient pottery. Furthermore, studies done shows that baskets were being used even about 12, 000 years ago in different parts of the world.

The oldest remains ever found were found in Northern Egypt and therefore it is believed that the first baskets were made in this area. Traders and explore are responsible of spreading the craft of making baskets to other parts of the world. The traders and explorers would carry their things with baskets. The people from the places they went through would see the baskets and then copy. This is how this craft steadily spread into different parts of the world rapidly. This also explains how different styles of making baskets are found in different places. The most wide spread style of making baskets is the Asian style which was amongst the first ones to be established.

The most used materials to make baskets were grasses and natural fiber. The main reason why these were the mostly used materials is that they are readily available in different parts of the world. Furthermore, they are easy to weave where if made properly they would produce durable baskets. The history of basket weaving shows that initially there were just a few basket weaving techniques. In fact, at the beginning there was just a single technique which was associated with Egypt. But as time progresses more techniques were discovered and consequently spread to other parts of the world. Right now there are so many basket weaving techniques. However, all the modern techniques are developed by the technique used by the people who were making baskets in the ancient times.

The period when basket weaving became main stream is during the industrial revolution. The baskets were used in different factories to pack and transport products. This increased the demand for basket and as a result their production increased. During the world wars basket were also used for transporting messenger pigeons and this resulted to their demand increasing even further. They were also used to drop supplies to troops during these wars.

The wide usage of baskets even led to establishment of business which only concentrated in weaving baskets. There were also professional weavers whose work was only to weave baskets. Weaving baskets became a career with more people training on how to weave baskets.

The history of weaving baskets shows that both men and women were good in weaving baskets. But women were the ones that used to weave baskets in the ancient times. But as time progresses, this craft became common to both men and women. Currently baskets are weaved using machines which makes the weaving more convenient. This also allows the final products to be of better quality. Furthermore, the use of modern techniques has also led to more durable baskets. The materials used to make baskets have also increased significantly. Therefore, the history of weaving baskets is rich and it goes back to the ancient times.

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