The Cult of Longaberger

Over the years, Longaberger baskets have become a cornerstone of the basket-making business. There is one thing every basket-maker knows about Longaberger, and that’s how much customers really value them. The cult of Longaberger has contributed love amongst thousands of people as these baskets are used as collectibles, for trading, or giving them in the form of gift to their loved ones. Often, collectors pass them onto their future generations. This blog post takes a closer look at Longaberger, and other collectible baskets.

The Making of Longaberger Baskets

The best part about these baskets is that they are handcrafted. They are made of top-quality maple hardwood, meant to be durable. The Longaberger Company doesn’t buy into mass-production to meet demand, but prefer to carefully handcraft them. These baskets are also hand-woven to represent a staple of American craftsmanship. The durability, beauty and the fact that they never lose their credibility are three of the main reasons why fans love to collect them.
The Style & Design Of Longaberger Baskets

Another reason why they are a great attraction is due to their individuality. Because they are handcrafted and handwoven, each basket typically has a slightly different feel and look to it. Once it is made, each basket is signed and dated by its creator. It is amazing how they are ever-changing – in fact their colors change do too as the seasons pass by. Also, collectors love it that their baskets are made to instill different aesthetic flavors. For instance, the American Traditions baskets are created with the rich colors of Maine while the American Work Baskets are designed with a style that ingrains a Shaker and Native American nostalgia.

Caring For Your Longaberger & Other Collectible Wooden Baskets

Just like other wooden products, there are some tips you should remember. First off, keep them off direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause their rich color to fade. Also, keeping them near vents can dry out the wood. It’s recommended to keep them dry and away from damp areas to prevent your wooden basket collectibles from warping.

If you are going to use them rather than having them as collectibles, there is a slim chance that they may pick up stains or spots. However, they can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to wring out your cloth or sponge well, before trying to get rid of stains or marks from the weaving. After cleaning them out, let them air dry before you put them back to use.

Should you encounter any other problem with your baskets that cannot be overcome with these simple tips, be aware that you can always buy stain pens, or repair kids from a store. With little care, your collectibles should look great for years to come.


Avid collectors enjoy that these baskets are woven with such great flavor and individuality that make them put significant time and effort into locating and then buying the baskets. You can find auctions on eBay and websites alike as the fans scurry to snatch them up. In a lot of ways, the collectors’ market ensures that the Longaberger Company has a long way to go.






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