Materials Used to Weave Baskets

Basket weaving is the process of sewing or connecting flexible pieces of materials to form artifacts such as containers, baskets or mats for domestic use. Basket weaving is perhaps one of the oldest habits of creativity in human history.
When deciding on weaving a quality basket, one needs to think of a number of factors before settling on the actual process of weaving. Among the important factors to consider is the material of the basket.

Materials used in weaving baskets

Marram grass which is also referred to as bent grass

It also known as bent grass due to their nature in shape. Marram grass is a coastal plant that was used in the Western isles to make different kinds of island baskets. It is commonly used for brushes, ropes, mats, traditional chairs and nets. They can be used when still soft and last longer after drying. The baskets made from marram grass last longer due to their nature to stay intact after drying.

This is quite a strong material that can last longer when used in baskets. It can be gathered through choosing long stems that have proper thickness. Bramble can make thick baskets of any given shape and can support any given weight.

Dock plant
Also known as dockens, dock plant hails from Shetland and Orkney and is common in Scotland. The dock weeds are first socked in salt water prior to using them and later dried properly before using them to weave baskets or mats.

It is the fiber of the raffia palm. Raffia is commonly known to produce durable strands that can smoothly be dyed to make decorative baskets and mats. This strands can make baskets of any size.

It is mostly found in the South East Asia. It is easily identified due to its scale like surface and its length which would mean that baskets made from them will have lesser ends.

Most mats and baskets from Scotland are made from this plant. To gather this plant, one must pull it from the moor where its known to grow long. They can make baskets light baskets and mats.

Rush plant
Commonly referred to as Soft Rush, rush plant is mostly used to make Scottish baskets. It mostly grows in fields that are poorly drained. It is easier when dried than when first cut.

This is definitely one of the oldest plant used in basketry. It was common in Scotland. Bundles of straw are gathered together to form orkney chairs and baskets.

It is at times used to strengthen baskets on the base. They are also used in making baskets when shaved finely. Wood strips can also make huge fishing line baskets.

Sea grass
They are preferred due to their decorative impact on baskets. They are know to make different kinds of baskets from a variety of shapes. Sea grass can also be merged with other plants in weaving baskets due to their decorative nature.

Oval reed
It is often used in numerous round baskets due to their nature in shape. Oval reed is mostly preferred due to their advantage in dying and twining making decorative baskets.






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